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Say no to plastic bags and reduce waste while looking great with these long-lasting, reusable grocery tote bags. Our cotton tote bag with veggies pattern can add some fun to your grocery shopping. These tote bags are completely compostable, which means they won’t clog landfills. It’s ideal for daily necessities such as grocery shopping, gardening, camping, farmer’s markets, outdoor adventures, and shopping at the supermarket.

  • Size of the bag: 14 inches by 16 inches
  • Handle: 22 inches

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Product Story:

  • An individual consumes about 350 plastic bags a year according to some survey reports. Every disposable plastic bag that ends up in the ocean or countryside is a danger to fish, birds and mammals. Using reusable bags instead could save the lives of more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals every year.
  • By switching to cloth bags, you can save a lot of money on maintenance and avoid cutting down trees. We would be saving gallons of water and fuel and acres of forest every year by this measure. It also helps in preserving the flora and fauna of your region.
  • And remember: the most important thing about a reusable bag is to keep reusing it! The more times it’s used, the more beneficial it is to the environment.
  • Our products are designed and made in India by underprivileged women participating in the manufacturing process.
  • Your product comes in an upcycled old cardboard package, be it Ladakh, Kerela, or Shillong, your products will arrive in carbon-neutral packaging.
  • Priority is sustainability; Profits can wait.

    Instructions to use:

  • In case of dirt, washing in cold water with mild detergents is recommended.
  • Hang to Dry!

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