Topaz Comb (Neem wood)


Neem wood comb, made out ethically sourced neem wood. It’s a wide-toothed comb. Designed for silky straight hair.

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Product Story

  1. Plastic combs cause static and frizz in hair, causing breakage.
  2. Using wooden comb feels like a scalp massage, activating acupressure points, boosting the blood circulation.
  3. Healthier scalp equals healthy long & luscious locks.
  4. Neem wood comb reduces dandruff, lice, fungal infections.


Instructions for use

  1. Keep the comb away from water.
  2. In case the comb gets wet, sun dry it for few hours.
  3. If the surface feels rough, apply a bit of oil to the comb.


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