Cotton Fridge Bags


These produce bags are drawstring bags made out of 100% cotton. The material is breathable and absorbs excess water that gets accumulated in case of plastic polythene bags.

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Product story

  1. Once the polythene bag becomes litter, they find their way into our waterways, parks, beaches and streets. And if burned, they infuse the air with toxic fumes.
  2. Many animals ingest plastic bags, mistaking them for food and therefore die. And worse, the ingested plastic bag remains intact even after the death and decomposition of the animal.

Instructions to use

  1. Fridge Bags can be washed by hands or in machine, when dirty or at least twice a month.
  2. Sun dry the bags after wash.

Sizes (4 bags)

  1. Size A : 14 x16 Inches
  2. Size B : 10 x13 Inches
  3. Size C : 08 x14 Inches
  4. Size D : 08 x10 Inches

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