Footwear Bags : Set of 03


Cloth bag made of 100% cotton, with drawstrings for closure. The bag keeps the pair together and separated from clean clothes in the luggage.

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Product Story

  1. Every time we travel, we use a polythene bag to keep our footwear in the luggage.
  2. We discard million of such plastic bags, that end up in landfills or waterways.
  3. An easy replacement to that are these printed cotton bags.
  4. They can last for years and help in eliminating billions of plastic bags eventually.



  1. Footwear bags can be washed by machine or manually.
  2. Do not use it to store wet & muddy shoes, the bags are not waterproof. Gentle wash is expected for long lasting print.
  3. Wash it after your trip and sun dry them completely.



  1. Shoe Bag – 11 x 16 inches
  2. Heel Bag – 9×16 Inches
  3. Slipper Bag – 7×14 Inches


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