Easy Switch Kit


Are you thinking about going Zero waste? There has never been a better time than now! Here’s a small and economical ‘easy switch kit’ for your first eco-shift.

This kit contains:
– A bamboo toothbrush
– A short stainless steel straw
– 2 Coconut coir scrub pads
– A pack of 30 earbuds


Product Story

  • Our Easy Switch Kit helps to make your transition from plastic towards sustainability easy. A small and economical easy switch kit for your first eco-shift. It was carefully curated to include products that eliminate waste altogether or are made up of more sustainable materials.
  • If you’re already an eco-warrior then you can gift your loved ones a green future by giving them one of our Eco-kits to get them started on a Low-waste journey!
  • Our products are designed and made in India, with bamboo sourced directly from farmers and underprivileged women participating in the manufacturing process.
  • Your product comes in an upcycled old cardboard package, be it Ladakh, Kerela, or Shillong, your products will arrive in carbon-neutral packaging.
  • Priority is sustainability; Profits can wait.


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