Bamboo Ear Buds

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Perfect replacement for plastic earbuds which are difficult to track and go directly into the landfills. They are affordable, made from an incredibly sustainable material i.e Bamboo, 100% biodegradable and they have organic cotton on the ends. What’s not to like?



Product Story

  1. Did you know? About 544 million plastic cotton buds are sold every year worldwide. And these are NEVER recycled!
  2. Yes, small and insignificant to the eye but would change the planet as we know it. These plastic earbuds are essential to us all and as little as they are they still harm our environment as well as our marine life.
  3. I’m sure you’ve seen the disturbing photos of poor seabirds and turtles being impacted by these bud stems.
  4. Our Bamboo Ear Buds are affordable, made from an incredibly sustainable material, they are biodegradable and they have organic cotton on the ends. What’s not to like?
  5. As an alternative to the plastic ones which end up in landfills, on beaches, and ingested by numerous marine animals, they are a lot more sustainable.
  6. The raw bamboo stick needs fewer resources to be made therefore reducing your carbon footprint. Some people now say bamboo is the green diamond that we have been looking for.

Instructions for use

  1. Keep the box away from water and dry.
  2. In a closed box, humidity can lead to the growth of fungus.
  3. Place the bud in a compost pit after use.

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50, 100

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  1. Cancreate

    Nice One! Must Buy

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