Sandal Bags


Made of 100% cotton with a thick drawstring and cute prints. These footwear bags are long-lasting, breathable, foldable, lightweight, and portable, and easy to use. The bag keeps the footwear pair together while keeping clean clothes separate in the luggage.

Size of the bags: 9×16 Inches


Product Story

  • When we travel, we keep our shoes in a polythene bag. As a result, millions of plastic bags are discarded, ending up in our beautiful tourist destinations, landfills, or waterways.
  • These printed cotton bags are a simple and sustainable alternative. They can last for years and eventually help to eliminate billions of plastic bags.
  • When a large group of people does something, it has an unimaginable impact, so do your part and you will see the results sooner or later.


  1. Footwear bags can be washed either by machine or by hand.
  2. Because the bags are not waterproof, they should not be used to store wet or muddy shoes.
  3. For a long-lasting print, a gentle wash is recommended. After your trip, wash it and sundry it completely.


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