Bamboo Toothbrush : Premium


Bristles are infused with charcoal, soft and not abrasive to the tooth enamel. Handle of the toothbrush is made of bamboo, with smooth finish and has been treated for fungus. Ergonomically designed for a better grip.

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Product Story

  1. Our Bamboo toothbrushes are designed and manufactured in India.
  2. Bamboo toothbrushes have considerably smaller ecological footprint in comparison to the plastic ones making them the perfect replacement. It takes around 400 to 500 years for Plastic Toothbrush to decompose. Over 2 Billion Plastic
  3. Toothbrushes are used every month which after use either gets dumped into the soil or lands up inside the stomach of an aquatic animal.
  4. Our Bamboo Toothbrush decomposes in less than 1/100th time of a Plastic one and is not at all toxic for any Living being. They are manufactured in India. Available in many variants for all age groups.


Instruction for use

  1. Do not keep brushes enclosed in boxes for too long.
  2. Avoid keeping them in damp places.
  3. Wipe the brush handle with a napkin after every use and place it vertically in a glass or holder.
  4. Place it in sunlight for a few minutes once a week for better durability.
  5. Bamboo being a natural material, the top portion of toothbrush which goes into your mouth may appear slightly faded after using it for a while. This is completely normal.
  6. Bamboo toothbrushes last as long as a conventional plastic one, it is recommended that one replaces a toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles are frayed.

Additional information

Dimensions 19 cm
Pack of

Single Unit, 4, 10


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