Bamboo Acoustic Speakers

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The handcrafted bamboo stalk holds the phone and amplifies the sound! It is 100% biodegradable and can fit right in your sustainable household. An eco-friendly speaker made out of Bamboo. The bamboo speaker is not treated with vanishes/paints.

Size of the product: Length 10.5 inches (+/- 2 cm); Diameter 2.5 inches (+/- 2 cm)

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Product Story

  • Speakers are lumps of plastic, metal, and wires. It’s difficult to recycle a whole unit or to break it down to the base materials. Thus, they end up being a part of toxic waste, refusing to degrade for thousands of years.
  • If you like music and live a green lifestyle, you might be conflicted about buying plastic speakers. Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned about that any longer. A simple zero-waste alternative is a bamboo speaker.
  • Our bamboo speaker is biodegradable, works well for hands-free calls, and can be used for as long as you want. Using them will allow you to demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment!
  • These speakers don’t require any electricity. You don’t have to plug in or recharge them. They are made from a single piece of bamboo and have a slot to hold your device in place. Our classic acoustic speakers can be placed anywhere, from bookshelves to your bedside table.

Instructions to use

  1. Keep the speaker away from water and dry.
  2. If the speaker gets wet, wipe it down with a cloth and set it out to dry for a few hours in the sun.


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