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Our other important aim apart from the environment is empowering Farmers, underprivileged women & collaborating with small businesses. Our packaging is either 100% plastic-free or Upcycled mostly. Each order is packed manually with utmost care and thought of reducing the carbon footprint and hence slower delivery operations. Not buying more than needed is the first step to sustainability.

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Pune isn’t how it was, a decade back. There’s garbage piling, every corner and road side, Congested roads, Water clogging. What we figured out is that the problem lies with the waste management and just the shear amount of waste that is being generated.

We know the problem, it’s now that we work on the solution. The waste can be bifurcated into two kinds, on a very basic level. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Where segregation of waste was primary concern, we focused on finding alternatives for all the non-biodegradable finds in the waste pile.

Polythene Bags are being used to buy veggies, buy groceries, as shopping bags and then as bin liners to collect waste. In October,2017 we began awareness walk and joined hands with various NGO’s that were trying to spread awareness about pollution. From spending ₹3 for a poly bag to shift to ₹25 cotton bag (that can be reused), was a long journey that we still continue to work on.

Along with that we started manufacturing of cotton bags, They are stitched by under privileged women from Pune. They contribute to our cause and we create work opportunities for them.

“Moving ahead”

Next we saw plastic toothbrushes, cutlery, and polythene bags discarded without even a thought as to where it will end up. Most of it can’t be recycled. It’s that bad. It will enter our system via aquatic life and as micro-plastics.

We’ve been finding replacements for the products we use regularly. Step by step we’ve managed to find alternatives to the following. These may be small & insignificant change for you, but a huge one if we consider our planet.